Former SPL Chief rips into Rangers 150 year history celebrations lie

I’ve written about former SPL Chief Roger Mitchell a few times now.

Once claimed he will seek to buy Celtic to give the fans a club they deserve, Mitchell does seem a bit, eccentric, these days.

He does tweet some daft stuff but here he is laying into a tweet that followed up on the Govan clubs announcement of a 150 year celebratory benefit match.

Mitchell replied to a photo shared by a Celtic fan account:

There was no stopping that sale for the dead club for £1. Whyte knew it. Murray knew it.

The chairman that once famously quoted “for every £10…….” blah blah blah gave away the club to Craig Whyte for £1.

The rest shall we say is history.

But I’m pretty sure, for the right price, someone can buy that history and claim it as their own because it pretty much seems that the new club trading from the premises of the old club, don’t want that history.

Unless it involves league titles and cups of course.

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