Former SPL CEO uses Manchester United to take incredible swing at Celtic fans

Roger Mitchell is a very interesting character on Twitter.

The former SPL Chief Executive covers random topics on the social media platform and, according to Vital Celtic, has once spoken of hoping to take over the club in the future, “What is truly astonishing is how big a club Celtic is and how many people are totally invested in the club.

“One day I’ll try to get some private equity money together and buy it, and give these good people what they deserve.

“But not today.”

That move got backing from a prominent Celtic blogger, James Forrest on The Celtic Blog, as he said Mitchell would ‘Scare the the board to death’.

And he would. Just because of his randomness.

Take yesterday for example. After Man United’s 5-0 thrashing at home against their bitterest of rivals, Liverpool, Mitchell tweeted:

Celtic fans are “overly gullible and optimistic fans”. Very weird way to win over the fans of the club you are wishing to buy Roger.

Celtic fans are the most analytical of fans and most critical when it is required.

They saved their club from going under in the nineties and, incredibly, consistently warned their rivals that they would go bust as the gullibillies believed every word of former Celtic hero, Craig Whyte.

But then I suppose the only way to get yourself noticed when you live in Italy is to talk about the biggest and most successful club in Scotland eh Roger?

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3 thoughts on “Former SPL CEO uses Manchester United to take incredible swing at Celtic fans”

  1. Who cares about this fud’s opinion? He always was a pube-haired tossbag anyway…

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