Former Sevco nobody ludicrous Postecoglou prediction. The media knives are out on Ange already!

Former Sevco goalkeeper Cammy Bell has shown that not only was he a bit part keeper at Rangers* he is also a bit part player at punditry.

In an interview with BBC Sportsound as told by the Scottish media, Bell made a bold and unfounded prediction that Postecoglou could have the league lost within the first month leaving the Celtic boss with a quick fight to save his future,”I think there is a lot going on at Celtic at the minute. I think they have three and a half weeks before a massive game, which Ange will get judged on.

“If he goes out of the Champions League the Celtic fans won’t forget that, so he has got three and a half weeks to turn this around.

“They might not be up to speed by the start of the season. They could be out of the Champions League, and the league could be gone if Rangers continue the form they had last season.

“If Celtic don’t start the season well, the league could be gone within the first month.

The interview really is contemptable and I can never, ever remember stories being run like this when Gerrard took the Govan role on.

It’s shades of Ronny Delia. The media hounded the former Celtic manager and lambasted the guy at every turn. It looks like it’s happening all over again. Surely the Celtic fans will stand or fall for this?

2 thoughts on “Former Sevco nobody ludicrous Postecoglou prediction. The media knives are out on Ange already!”

  1. “The Celtic fans won’t forget that”

    Forgot about this non-entity, that’s for sure!

    I don’t know if I’m alone in this opinion but I have no expectations for Europe this season, in any competition. All I want to see is some sign that we’re back on a good footing again, and will put out a side that can at least try and win games instead of capitulating after minimal effort like last season.

    Next season though…

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