Former Rangers oldco star left red faced after Carter-Vickers put down

You would think that players for our rivals would just concentrate on their own team’s performances, transfer business or general club business.

Especially when it comes to pass that whenever disrespectful comments are made come back to bite you in the arse.

And that’s exactly what former Rangers oldco defender Graeme Roberts did when he spoke about Celtic’s new signing Cameron Carter Vickers.

In an article in This is Futbol, Graeme seemed to deride the Hoops new signing as the report claimed that Roberts just doesn’t rate the on loan Tottenham Hotspur defender, “I’m quite pleased. To be honest, for me, I think it’s a good move for him but in a different way that other people will.

“He went to Bournemouth, he was okay, he’s been around a few clubs, I think he just needs to be sold and start a career where he can move on and he might prove me wrong at Celtic, I don’t know.

But I was delighted when he went.”

Now I get that Roberts would be the go to guy when it comes to ask for opinions on Cart Vickers. Being an ex Spurs and oldco Rangers player, he would have been that site’s wet dream when it came to speaking about the big American international defender.

But as is the way with these types of stories, be careful what you say as it could make you look foolish. And that’s exactly how Roberts looks now after a man of the match performance and a debut goal by the strong central defender impressed the Celtic fans and pundits alike.

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