Former Rangers defender in shock title admission. The anti Celtic press continues on

Its amazing how the narrative towards Celtic changes from the press and media the minute some negativity hits the club.

Not long after Thursday nights Europa League exit we had the likes of Hugh Keevins and Michael Stewart berating the Celtic defence claiming they are not good enough to win the league never mind qualify in Europe despite the fact they have the best defensive league record.

and now we have yet another former Rangers player ploughing into the club.

The woodwork must have thousands of holes bored out of it after the Ibrox fans and Kris Boyd all came crawling out of it on Thursday and here we have Derek McInnes jumping on the bandwagon.

After just one fixture in charge, it seems the league is over.

McInnes has nailed his colours to the mast in his column and, unsurprisingly, has wee Gio as the Govan saviour, “The fact Postecoglou came in alone, and seems happy working with inherited staff like John Kennedy and Stephen McManus, suggests a real confidence in what he does.

“He’s had to suffer a wee bit along the way but there are now signs of stability. He does look good, to me he looks like a capable guy.

“My take is that he is an idealist. Postecoglou has earned himself a place in a cup final, a chance to win his first trophy before the turn of the year. But, in January, he needs the Celtic board to back him.

“Unless they make improvements, add more quality to the squad, then no matter how good he is, I just don’t see them having enough to wrest the title away from Rangers.

Aw well. Let’s just hand over the title then. Not even had his first SPFL fixture under his belt and Gio has the title all wrapped up.

Is he going to win every single game? No dropped points? No injuries or suspensions that could affect him going into the season and, it seems, all issues behind the scenes are all fixed.

I can’t wait till the end of the season and these words are rammed down his throat.

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2 thoughts on “Former Rangers defender in shock title admission. The anti Celtic press continues on”

  1. With the Ibrox club being a very average side I think Celtic will expect to win their league back this season. You have to factor in that RIFC have the very same players who were no more than surrender monkeys a season or so ago. Very little has changed other than Celtic’s seasonal blip is behind them now. I simply don’t see RIFC staying with Celtic after the Xmas break.

  2. Suspensions? With the masons in black falling over themselves to ignore every misdemeanour?

    Aye right.

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