Former Rangers boss’ takes massive swipe at Celtic players

It seems that no matter what article you open up, there always seems to be someone looking to have a swipe at Celtic.

If it’s not journalists trying to sell off Kyogo with inane speculation, it’s former Celtic players trying to make a name for themselves in punditry.

If it’s neither of the first two options, then you can guarantee a former Rangers employee is waiting with the steel toe caps on ready to stick it into the Hoops.

Today, it’s the turn of Alex McLeish.

But he seems to try a different tact here when speaking to Football Insider.

There are passive aggressive undertones to this piece where he tries to praise the manager but takes a dig at the teams ability to be competitive in Europe, “He needs to manage. Each to their own. We all had, maybe, favourite ways of playing.

“Sir Alex Ferguson was always fast tempo, fast passing, assertive passing. That was his mantra right from day one to the glory days at Manchester United. I know he always loved tempo.

“You can see that Ange Postecoglou wants to play a certain tempo and certainly very, very attack-minded. I just feel they’re not at the level of being able to deal with the European teams.

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“If you’re honest, I know they lost 4-3 to Betis but it could have been more. They took a bit of a doing at Celtic Park against Leverkusen.

“Listen, they might be much better now, if Ange keeps drumming it into them. If they keep playing and they can find a way of not losing bad defensive goals but keep the attacking style, it’s a potent style of play.

Personally, in my day, it depended on the players I had. I would not be stubborn. I wouldn’t cut my nose off to spite my face for the sake of it.

“Ange is really resolved to doing this. Credit to him for doing that. That’s the makings of a strong personality.”

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