Former Rangers boss makes strange Tom Rogic transfer comment

Yes I know. It’s Football Insider. And yes I know I said I would stop covering these inane articles but sometimes you just need to highlight stupidity when you see it.

We all know Celtic boss, Ange Postecoglou is going to delve into the transfer market this winter but did you know it wasn’t for the reasons we all thought?

Former Rangers boss, Alex McLeish said that Celtic is looking to strengthen the Hoops midfield but not because we are short in numbers. Not because it is clear when key players like Rogic get injured we miss that creative edge.

He said, well, read it for yourselves, “I kind of felt the defence was somewhere the opposition could get at,” McLeish told Football Insider’s Russell Edge.

“If you’re looking at midfield, then I don’t think they’re quite at the level where Brendan Rodgers was and the midfielders he had in there.

“They’ve still got McGregor, who is a terrific player. Maybe, to take a wee bit of pressure off him, they need someone with great authority to help him in there.

“We know that Rogic is heading into the later years of his career so it’s likely that Celtic will bolster that position.”

Rogic is heading into the later years of his career.

Yeah. I know.

We all know Rogic is heading into his late 30’s and needs to be replaced don’t we?

Except he’s 28 and enjoying his football at the PEAK of his career.

Does McLeish just open his mouth and let whatever pops out just, well, pop out?

In fact, do the guys at Football Insider not even bother fact checking what these pundits tell them before signing off on the publication?

Certainly doesn’t seem so.

Stick to the blue half of Glasgow Alex cause they’re not so good with numbers either.

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2 thoughts on “Former Rangers boss makes strange Tom Rogic transfer comment”

  1. The only thing that pops out of McLeish’s gub is sh*te and last night’s buckie dribbles. Hopeless fool should shut up and gie’s peace.

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