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Former Daily Record Editor rinses Sevco support after Tavernier ‘100 goals’ celebration

This is a thread of sheer delight. One that, no matter how hard the Rangers support tried to abuse Dan James, the more he hit back with some class replies.

Yesterday saw some weird campaign by Football Scotland to celebrate James Tavernier hitting 100 goals for Rangers in the Glasgow Derby.

You don’t need me to tell you that almost half of that goal haul came from 12 yards as the *Rangers captain has netted 48 times from the spot.

A decent achievement but, when you think for all that effort, all he has to show for it is one league title and a Scottish Cup, it’s a pretty pointless ‘celebration’.

And former Daily Record Editor, Dan James, decided to set the record straight on Twitter:

And he is 100% bang on the money. And the best part? The *Rangers fans know it.

How many times have they lambasted their captain for failing to defend in the big games? In Europe, he was a mess.

In the Glasgow Derby, he was all over the place. But it’s ok. Despite scoring a penalty and NOT beating Celtic, he is hailed as their new hero. Again.

And every time a Rangers fan tried to reply to Dan, he just had them in strings:

One thought on “Former Daily Record Editor rinses Sevco support after Tavernier ‘100 goals’ celebration”

  1. An ex Daily Record editor refusing to toe the Rangers party line ! No wonder they got rid of him …. I mean ,that type of anti the Rangers commentary would damage sales and volume … Tut ,tut ..

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