Former Celtic target’s horrific sectarian abuse exposed.

Former Celtic target, John McGinn, was the victim of some horrific sectarian abuse on Saturday during Aston Villa’s 3-0 away defeat to English Premier League rivals Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

On a video posted to Twitter, McGinn looks to take a corner at the end of the home fans and in the video the fan can be heard shouting all manner of sectarian abuse.

McGinn was clearly uncomfortable and ignored the fan but you could see that the former Hibs man, and lifelong Celtic fan, was affected by it.

The man, with a clear English accent, can be heard very clearly in a shocking tirade that lasted only thirty seconds, but left an incredibly bad taste in my mouth, “Boo.

Ya f*cking fenian b*stard! John McGinn ya dirty c*nt! F*ck off.

Ya w*nker! We are the people! Booo!”

Strangely, there seems to be no coverage of this incident from any major news channels and as the Scottish game is still reeling from the sectarian fallout over the events of the last few weeks, this just proves that the narrative of a “West of Scotland” problem is a myth and sectarian abuse and narrow mindedness affects all parts of the UK.

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