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Former Celtic star slaps down lazy players who stayed for the ‘I played for Celtic’ tag

Celtic have had many players who have strutted their stuff on the hallowed Paradise turk

Shunsuke Nakamura, Henrik Larsson and Chris Sutton to name but a few.

All shining examples of professionals who loved pulling on the famous green and white Hoops and giving their all for the club.

Many Celtic fans would give their right arm for that experience. But, it seems, there were players at the club that couldn’t care less about making first team appearances and were just happy to pick up their wages without making a single appearance for the club as revealed by former player Paul Caddis.

Caddis was a talented right back with a good engine. He made his breakthrough under Gordon Strachan and famously lined up against Ronaldinho and Barcelona in the Champions League.

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Speaking to Birmingham Live, Caddis said, “I would have loved to have stayed at my boyhood club and played every week but at the same time I wanted to get to a stage where I wanted to be a first team footballer.

“There were lads who stayed at Celtic until they were 22-23 years old and they had no first team experience at all, they were just there for the facilities and for the ‘I play for Celtic’ tag. I wasn’t about that.”

It would be interesting to find out exactly who those players were and how many of them just wasted their careers at Celtic without having the desire to push for a first team place.

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