Former Celtic and Rangers legends talk Greg Taylor contract. Guess who was supportive?

This is something that had bugged me for a long time. Why are former Celtic players so critical of the club that they simply cannot say anything positive or balanced about what is going on at Celtic Park?

Guys like Andy Walker and Charlie Nicholas simply cannot say anything positive about Celtic but have plenty of negativity to share have made a very good living out of it.

It now looks like we can add Frank McAvennie to that list.

Almost every single thing he comes out with is negative. Take his view on the Greg Taylor contract extensions. He clearly does not like the boy and constructive criticism is fair but his contradiction in his quote where he starts of slating the boy but then claims he ‘won’t have a go’ at anyone looking for a contract is quite simply breathtaking.

As cited by the Daily Record, McAvennie says, “You don’t want me to say what I really think.

“It’s one of them, he’s coming back in after injury and I don’t know if he suits the system.

“I won’t have a go at someone who is after a new contract but I would rather see signings than extensions.

“I’ve criticised the full-backs so often this season and I stand by that. I think we need new ones.

“That’s just a personal opinion from me. All power to Taylor if he gets offered that deal.

“But personally, I want to see some movement in January.”

Yeah. Superb Frank.

But then contrast that to former Rangers manager, Alex McLeish, who was very balanced in his review of Taylor, I find myself struggling to see why former Celtic players can’t do just that.

Give a balanced and honest opinion without trying to be sensationalist.

McLeish was speaking to Football Insider when he said, “It’s about building that squad, getting strong foundations,” 

“Greg brings that kind of consistency. When you’ve got players who have great consistency, they give you at least a seven out of ten every week.

“Obviously you want them to be eights and nines, we rarely see a perfect player.

“But he is definitely one of the guys who brings above-average performances every game.

“That’s part of the foundations of the rebuilding.

And he is bang on. Yes, Taylor is not a world beater. But he is honest and will always give you 100% out on that park.

And offering an extension protects our investment in the player so it makes sense squad wise and financially to get the deal done.

Some of these ex Hoops players really need to take a look at themselves.

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