Former Celt makes incredible Hoops claim ahead of crucial cup weekend

What is it about former Celtic players and their criticism of our defence?

Celtic currently have the best defensive record in the league and yet, there are some that just keep spinning this insane line that the defence is somehow dodgy.

But former Celt Frank McAvennie, again, has done just that.

If he isn’t having a go at Anthony Ralston, which by the way, is just as incredible as Frank thinks Ralston’s weakest area is his defending, then it’s the back four.

In today’s ramblings, McAvennie commented on the obvious in Football Insider.

He want’s Ange to play Kyogo through the middle, as we all do, as that is Kyogo’s strength, which we already knew. “I just hope Ange has gotten over this thing of playing Kyogo out wide,

“He has tried getting as many attackers in the team as possible and it hasn’t really worked.

“Kyogo needs to go through the middle with Jota helping him out. Playing him wide is a mistake.

“His movement is just incredible. He will cause problems for any defence with the way he runs.

“A semi-final is not the time or place to be experimenting with new styles. It’s a massive game for the club.

“You have to play your best tried and tested team. That has Kyogo up front instead of out wide.

“Because of the defensive problems we might just have to win 4-3 rather than a 1-0.

“So we need our attackers in the right places doing what they do best.”

First of all there is absolutely nothing to suggest that Postecoglou will force Kyogo out wide. There are no injury concerns to accommodate and Ange is not daft. He knows Kyogo’s strength.

Secondly, we will have to win 4-3 tomorrow? Really? Against St Johnstone?

When was the last time Celtic lost more than one goal against a domestic club prior to the Dundee game?

Never. So to use that to suggest the defence is somehow dodgy is just lazy by the former Hoops striker.

Celtic have ELEVEN clean sheets this season.

It’s time for pundits and former Celtic players to stop this inane ‘dodgy defence’ argument. It’s getting right on my nerves.

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