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Former BBC journalist’s bitter attack on Celtic fans

It’s no wonder Jim McLean hooked him all those years ago as former BBC man John Barnes takes a swing at the Celtic fans for their use of pyro’s at the cup final at Hampden.

The pyro debate is one that will rumble on until steps are taken to make safe areas for them but the issue I have with Barnes’ tweet is that he specifically mentions us and conveniently forgets the flares being set of by the Onion Bears:

And what exactly does he expect the stewards to do? Look, being a steward is a tough gig. Would John wade in to either ends and try and grab flares from thousands of fans for £9 an hour?

Seems not. Now he wants people to play detective on social media to try and stamp it out.

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But when challenged on his views, Barnes didn’t back down. He doubled down:

Quite a bizarre stance to take. I have no issue with people calling out wrongdoing by football fans. What I have an issue with is people with John’s platform being selective in their criticism of a certain fan group.

We all know why. The Establishment can never be seen to be calling out the Establishment club now can they?

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