Former Aberdeen striker slams Kyogo for ‘lack of respect’

This is a strange one for me. And it has been now for almost a week.

This Kyogo ‘speculation’ that was born out of a nothing (I’m not even going to call it a report) website seems to be growing arms and legs.

It’s not only designed by some nobody to gain clicks, which has worked superbly, but it has given people the opportunity to take pot shots at one of Celtic’s best players whilst on international duty.

And isn’t it strange that almost every Celtic story during this break has been a negative one? Call me cynical, but you would think the journalists in Scotland are struggling for material………

Anyway, former Aberdeen striker Noel Whelan is next up. He was speaking to Football Insider when he made an outrageous claim about Celtic’s Japanese striker when he addressed a question posed TO him about a fellow countryman that has made the move to the EPL,“Right now, he has to concentrate on the club who signed him.

“Rather than talking about speculation about the Premier League, first and foremost he has to do his job with Celtic.

“If he does that job right, then speculation will come his way and there will be offers.

“The last thing that Celtic will want to hear right now is him talking about the Premier League when he’s got a massive job ahead of him at the club.

“He’s been there what – two minutes? It shows a little bit of a lack of respect if you ask me.

“There’s nothing wrong with aspiring to play in the Premier League, but you’ve only just signed for Celtic – and there’s a massive job ahead to bring silverware back to Parkhead.

Now anyone that has half a brain, knows Kyogo is the most respectful person in Scotland at the moment. Hell, the guy even went on litter patrol at Celtic Park after being subbed off against Bayer Leverkusen.

It would have been disrespectful NOT to answer the question but when you look at what the Celtic striker ACTUALLY said his answer showed his commitment to Celtic, “Many players go from Scotland to the EPL.

“It’s motivating to see Takehiro Tomiyasu do well. Good results could open that path for me, but I have to get results to survive at Celtic and the Japan National Team.

“I want to do the best I can and contribute to (both) teams.”

Whelan’s interview is, again, more about the press turning an innocent answer into sensationalist garbage. Something Celtic fans have gotten all too used to over the years.

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One thought on “Former Aberdeen striker slams Kyogo for ‘lack of respect’”

  1. Noel Whelan is the disrespectful guy in this case and has no right making such a comment.
    Respect is very much part of Japanese culture and Kyogo has demonstrated this clearly at Celtic and in Japan.

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