“Footballing knowledge of a steakbake”- Celtic fans pillory Talksport host for Postecoglou comments

Who on earth listens to Talksport anymore in Scotland?

To be honest, no one should. No matter what team you support, this supposed national station is an English Premier League love in channel and any chance it get’s, it will stick the boot into our game.

It does seem to have a penchant for cherry picking Celtic as it’s whipping club. Even with it’s supposed Celtic supporting host.

Earlier this year, when Ange Postecoglou was appointed Celtic manager, host of the breakfast show, Alan Brazil made these disrespectful comments:

It was a disgraceful and pathetic attempt to use the club and the new manager to grab ratings when the guy wasn’t even in the door yet.

And it is not the first time he mocked the manager when he called him ‘Kaga-goo-goo’ live on air because he couldn’t find his brain cell to say Ange’s name correctly.

And the beauty of Twitter? It never forgets. And the Celtic fans were quick to remind him of his idiocy not long after the gaffer brought the first piece of silverware home to Celtic Park:

And as you can imagine, there were some more of the, shall we say ‘unsavoury’ type of comments that I couldn’t put here?

This snippet is indicative of the kind of rubbish Ange had to endure during his first couple of months in Scotland.

He isn’t now tho.

I wonder if Brazil would be quick to speak like this in front of the gaffer? I would hedge my bets and say no?

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