Follow Follow’s Aribo meltdown. The Sevco calculator needs new batteries

They love a good meltdown don’t they? And nothing does it more than when another club comes in for one of their players and it doesn’t meet their nine figure valuation.

Of course, that’s THEIR valuation. Valuations in cloud cuckoo land where a team that hasn’t sold a player north of £3m expects clubs to spend upwards of £10m because…..well just because. Right!

The latest Follow Follow tears comes off the back of Aston Villa and Leicester looking at (allegedly), taking Joe Aribo down south. The news was broke by a football site called The Transfer Tavern and they have quoted a move for £5.85m.

For a player who has only won one trophy and never appeared in the Champions League, that is decent money by any fans standards. But we aren’t talking just about any fans here though are we?

We are talking about a breed of fan that actually believes they knocked back £40m from a Chinese super club for wee Alfie.

And my God, do they not over value their players much?


This one is the best yet:

20-30% sell on. Absolutely brilliant!!

One thought on “Follow Follow’s Aribo meltdown. The Sevco calculator needs new batteries”

  1. He’s a good player Aribo but he’s not that good, at £5.85million they should be any club’s hand off. He’s done virtually nothing in the game to prove he’s EPL quality, I think any one who buys him is taking a punt, the money in the English game means that’s nothing right wmenough. The money in English football at the moment is unsustainable it’s going to mean a lot of clubs going to the wall in due course, so maybe buying a player from a club who’ve been throught it they can get some advice on how to cheat their creditors while they’re buying Aribo.

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