Follow Follow joins the moonhowlers list with incredible John Beaton thread

I genuinely think yesterday’s cup final has ruined that support.

I honestly do.

Not content with Heart & Hand making incredible claims after Celtic’s victory, now it’s the turn of Follow Follow.

Now for context, let’s not forget these guys lauded referee, John Beaton, for his performance against Celtic when he went into a well known Rangers establishment after an Ibrox win in a Glasgow Derby that he referee’d in.

Now we have a Rangers fan forum calling for Beaton to retire after he referee’s Celtic’s cup win against Hibs.

Is that Beaton added to the banned list as well now?

A thread started by a follow follower of the forum asked the question, “The position of being a referee IMO is no longer tenable.

The pressure of death threats have made him become so protective of his abusers and scared stiff to award against that his game is now flawed.

Do the right thing John. Call it a day and don’t embarrass yourself any longer.

Only one person embarrassing themselves here and the first comment on the post pretty much sums it all up:

And that was the most sane of them all.

Enjoy their meltdown:

Their pain is outstanding!

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