Finance expert counts the incredible cost of Celtic’s Europa League exit

There isn’t just damage to Celtic’s coefficient being done every time the Hoops lose a match in Europe, the financial impact is also huge.

But just how huge? £38m according to football finance expert Kieran Maguire.

Speaking in Football Insider, Macguire breaks down the cost of the Hoops run of defeats in the competition that lead to their elimination and they truly are eye watering, “The three defeats have already cost them about £3m in performances-related prize money.

“Celtic were effectively the seventh-seeded team according to their coefficient, so they could drop down. They take a hit there as well.

“In terms of being knocked out, we are looking at around about £9m in lost prize money as opposed to getting to the final.

“There is potentially a similar amount from the market pool. So the best part of £20m, according to my analysis.

“Then you have the gate receipts from another three matches at Celtic Park. They could be looking at around £2m per match. So that’s another £6m.”

An incredible amount of money to lose out on as Celtic hope to build the squad in the next transfer window.

2 thoughts on “Finance expert counts the incredible cost of Celtic’s Europa League exit”

  1. If Celtic would plan ahead for Europe and have a proactive approach in transfer windows before the qualification rounds we would be stronger. Sack the board.

  2. That “Financial expert” is nothing but a clown, do you honestly believe we were on our way to the final? Jeez man, almost all of us had written this season off before it had started. Listen, we’re in a great place now so do yourself a favour and stop clicking on this clown Mcguire’s nonsense, he actually believes sevco are doing fine, just think on that for a minute.

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