“FFS did he actually say that?”, “Gimp” – Talksport on different planet as Celtic fans destroy shock jock

Talksport is just simply an English EPL fanboy of a radio station.

It has no concept of football outwith Hadrians Wall and takes every opportunity it can to knock our game and it’s players.

And don’t get me started on Alan Brazil and Jim White who are happy to take the coin and join in (or sit back) with the pundits and reporters on the show that continually do our game down.

It advertises itself as a UK station, but as soon as Scottish football is mentioned or Scottish players, the mask slips and the usual bullshit spews forth.

Take for example, Simon Jordan. The guy is an idiot. He has ventured up once, I think, to view a Scottish game at the BigotDome with Jim White and he now sees himself as an oracle on Scottish football.

Which probably explains his latest rantings towards ex Celtic star Kieran Tierney.

Tierney won everything in Scottish football. A baw hair from becoming a Treble Treble legend, his exploits on the Parkhead turf domestically and in Europe saw Arsenal take £25m out their pocket in exchange for the Scotland star.

Without doubt, the best player in the Arsenal team, Jordan made an extraordinary claim on Talksport that had the hoops fans fuming:

The guy is the very definition of an a*sehole and the Celtic fans were quick to tell him how they felt:

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