“Embarrassment”, “Very weird”, “Insane” – Fans react to Rangers media man’s big club claim

Losing Steven Gerrard has ruined these fans.

Absolutely no doubt about it.

From cardboard cut outs to fake funerals to going to war with Aston Villa fans with their measuring tapes to find out who has the biggest boaby, the Rangers fans reaction to losing their manager has 100% triggered an irrational behaviour in some of their fanbase.

There seems to be some fascination amongst the Rangers fans right now to somehow prove that they are a big club.

I genuinely don’t know why.

In fact, I do, and it’s in clear response to taunts that they must be a smaller club than Villa due to their manager leaving them for the Midlands club.

But what is the point? There is absolutely no point in trying to engage with a fanbase that regularly looks down on the Scottish game as a farmers league.

Somehow, money to them, equates to size of the club. It’s genuinely bizarre that should be mocked, not encouraged.

Now I’ve heard all the reasons why Rangers are a big club. Stadium. Supporter base. Season books. Ten year history (👀) but this next one from their official media partner is a belter. Genuinely.

Bat shit right? Take out the the last six words in that tweet and it’s a more accurate reflection of their supporters right now.

Well, Twitter reacted

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