“Don’t tell Joe Black!” – Fabrizio Romano destroys Scottish media’s Patterson claim

You know what? I’m surprised that I’m surprised at this.

The Nathan Patterson move to Everton has been spoken about for months now and it seems that by all intents and purposes the move is about to go through.

But here is where I surprised myself. The Scottish media’s reporting of the transfer fee.

Yes, I know. A completely amateurish mistake to make and one that I should have not made.

£16m with add ons!!! ‘ they proclaimed. And with the Rangers fans getting wetter than an otters pocket, they seem strangely happy that one of their top young talents is set to leave the club with an ageing Tav still remaining there.

Anyway, that’s for them to worry about. Back to Fabrizio.

The Italian transfer guru burst the Sevco calculators bubble with his late night update where he said the actual price is €11m plus add ons. EURO’S. Not pounds.

How could the Scottish press get it so wrong? I mean we are talking £7m difference here (when you take into account the conversion rate). Surely some simple fact checking should have been done before going to press?

Of course not. This is a country where the media believe liquidation doesn’t mean liquidation.

Don’t get me wrong, £9m is still brilliant business for a young guy that can’t get ahead of Tav. Rangers have mugged Everton here.

And the Celtic fans? They mugged of their counterparts on the other side of the river:

And I’ll get to this last one later……

One thought on ““Don’t tell Joe Black!” – Fabrizio Romano destroys Scottish media’s Patterson claim”

  1. Let’s not kid on here, you know and I know 9 million with possibility of more to come is unbelievable business. Can’t believe Everton have been so stupid hope they get relegated. If sevco reinvest the 9 million on players it would be very difficult to see celts winning the league. There is no kiddy in gloss to be put on this particular deal.

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