“Don’t do a Joe Black!” – Celtic fans caught out by Patterson price reveal by Everton

I don’t normally like doing this but hey, if it was them I would.

And I would deride them silly for it. In fact, I have on countless occasions so I suppose it’s only fair that this is published just for the sheer fact of highlighting it so that no other Celtic fan makes a mug of themselves over it.

Everton completed the signing of Nathan Patterson yesterday for an ‘undisclosed’ fee. Let’s not try and guess how much but if you were to look at Sevco twitter the money paid would probably wipe out poverty in a small country.

Of course, I am be facetious here.

Everton, this afternoon, tweeted out valuations of their two new signings (Patterson and Vitalii Mykolenko) this afternoon and much of Celtic twitter jumped on it to take a pot shot at their rivals:

Yes, most of us with a sharp eye and an unwillingness to make a mug of ourselves by jumping in too early knows that this is the EPL Fantasy Football valuation of both players but that didn’t stop the Hoops fans from trying to get one up on their rivals by claiming that it was the actual figure paid.

There will be no naming and shaming on here, just click the link!

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