“Does the video have a second part?” – Celtic fans pile on the liquidation misery as Sevco ‘celebrate’ 150 years

To deny your very existence is to deny yourself.

And that can be said for the basket case across the River Clyde as *Rangers look to celebrate their 150 year anniversary with the release of a brand new strip.

Born in 2012, this *Rangers, with the help of a compliant media, have denied one of the biggest sporting scandals in the history of football when the club entered administration in 2011 and finally went out of business in 2012.

The liquidation lie has been endorsed by the Scottish media who strangely seemed to have no issue in reporting the death of the club when the taxman nailed the final nail into it’s coffin almost ten years ago now but the continuing myth of buying their history while deny their historic debt is one that irks many football fans up and down the country.

Anyway, the Ibrox club sent a tweet yesterday that had the Celtic fans all over it and the Hoops support took great pleasure in reminding them of the history that they longingly wish to forget:

Cue the Celtic fan replies. Enjoy:

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