“Does anybody actually know what’s going on?” – VAR shambles blasted by Tom English

I’ll answer that with a word Tom. No.

No one knows what’s going on.

From going gung-ho with handball decisions to becoming lenient almost overnight, the lack of communication from those running our game is as abhorrent as it is shambolic.

It’s little wonder the Celtic fans have had enough of the refereeing standards in our game when it seems that it is our club that seem to be punished by them more often than not.

The Connor Goldson handball will no doubt continue to be debated from now until the next Glasgow Derby but at least Tom English is asking the right questions:

Maybe now, he should take this question to the SFA because, as a journalist, is it not his job to find out?

No doubt the Governing body will continue to circle the wagons around their referees and greet us all with a wall of silence when a statement before the resumption of the league telling us all that it they had looked at the rule and decided to apply it more sensibly could avoid all this confusion and Celtic fans accusing the refs of bias.

But that would be too easy right? Get the questions asked Tom. The fans deserve answers.

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