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Deranged Ibrox side asks if Rangers could ‘move’ for once rated £100m, FIVE time Champions League winner

As far as laughs go, when it comes to the Ibrox blogging community, they do not half talk one load of p*sh.

From fanciful dreams of spending millions in the transfer market to genuinely believing they have ‘won’ 55 titles and are the most successful club in the world, the levels of delusion and stupidity that surrounds the writers in their sites is incredible.

And whilst they languish under the watchful eye of UEFA and their FFP microscope, one deranged site asked could Rangers sign a Spaniard that was once valued at £100m.

The site? Ibrox Noise. The player? Isco.

I mean where do these guys come up with this nonsense from?

Even if they were not being eyed by UEFA, the Ibrox board are refusing to deal in Morelos and Kent due to wage demands so what makes them think they have the cash to fund this move?

The best part of the article? This: “We’re sure plenty of our ‘enlightened’ fans will mock this article but they would have mocked the same article about Ramsey before we signed him too, because he was well beyond us.

“But sometimes these big signings do happen, and Isco is one prime to prove himself.

“At Ibrox?

“Probably not, but you never know.”

So not only did they have a go at their readership and claim they will rubbish the story, they actually rubbished it themselves in the last line of the article.

There is a great saying that if you give an infinite amount of monkeys access to an infinite amount of typewriters they could write out Shakespeare’s complete works.

I think that this piece from Ibrox Noise disproves that theory.

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