“Delete this” – Outrage as Sevco fan trolls Phil O’Donnell memorial post

These types of football fan really are a depraved bunch.

The type that use tragedy as a means to point score their rival fans.

Rangers fans continually do it with their weird obsession of using child abuse to deflect from their own clubs history.

If they’re not defending statues, they’re trying to force a poppy down everybody’s throat to show their “respect” for the war dead.

It stopped being a mark of respect the minute they got some guys to abseil down the side of Ibrox and put a gun in the middle of their pitch.

It’s now become a circus.

Which makes this all the more galling.

The first to shout about a minute’s silence being disrupted, this Rangers supporter took only 6 minutes to disgrace himself and his fellow supporters as he replied to Celtic’s Phil O’Donnell memorial post:

And the Celtic fans were quick to hold him to account:

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