Death threat allegations and Chris Sutton. Celtic’s cup win ruins Heart & Hand. But there’s always a tweet

I have seen a lot of brilliant content from yesterday’s Premier Sports Cup win.

From Kyogo’s sexy goals to the Hibs fans celebrating to only sixty seconds later, crying into their scarves.

Not only has the Hibs manager and team had a complete meltdown and blamed everybody but themselves for losing the cup final, Rangers official (yes, OFFICIAL) media partner has come up with yest another belter that shows just how much yesterday’s win has completely ruined them.

The broadcaster (and I use that term loosely) took to twitter to make an incredible claim, that I can find no proof of, of death threats being made to the referee earlier this month by Celtic fans. And then there was also Chris Sutton.

The big man triggers them, but until this tweet, you just don’t realise how much.

Now I am not oven going into that with them. I’ll let them wallow in their own self pity.

But what I will do is call out their hypocrisy.

This is a media channel that has labelled Beaton a cheat, a halfwit, a coward and much, much more in the past.

But don’t just take may word for it:

The hypocrisy of this channel stinks, much like their content.

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