Davie Provan breaks ranks with brilliant “empty stadium” Rangers jab

It’s not normally something I would write. Not because I don’t wan to, just because it rarely happens.

Davie Provan sticks the boot into Rangers shocker!

I know. Unbelievable right?

Well it happened and the best bit was it was right in front of Barry Ferguson.

Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, both where discussing the possibility of the winter shutdown being brought forward early and Provan hit out with this wee gem, “I think Sky generally will try and accommodate the wishes of the SPFL clubs. There would appear to be a consensus for bringing the the winter break forward.

And I can understand Rangers opposition to that because they would rather play the big game in an empty stadium, wouldn’t they?

But that that may be one way of lessening the impact, the financial impact, for clubs going forward”

Of course they would. Wee Barry tried to deflect by saying how disappointing it is for their next home game being at reduced capacity but their fans have been bleating on all week, ironically, about sporting integrity, but as soon as the club speaks of it’s disappointment at reduced crowds, it’s almost like this week never happened as the Govan fans backpedalled and DENIED they didn’t want to play in empty stadiums.

We all know they prefer to play with no fans. Less pressure without them breathing down their necks criticising their every move.

Anyone that says otherwise is just plain lieing.

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