Main stand turnstiles at Celtic Park

David Tanner is a broken man as he talks Celtic’s Dingwall penalty

All week this guy has been applying for a Rangers TV gig and all week, he has been getting g knocked back.

OK, the applying for the Rangers TV gig is a wee bit of an exaggeration but David Tanner has been doing his damndest to ensure that there is pressure being put on referees prior to our game against Ross County today.

Conspiracy theories, non penalties and general talking absolute b*ll*cks was the order of the week for Tanner and today, after Celtic were awarded a perfectly legitimate penalty (albeit a soft one) he was at it again with this latest offering:

What Tanner conveniently misses out is that the referee “mistake” as he calls them seem to benefit just one team in the country.

Tanner is a media no mark desperately trying to revive the good old days when he was deemed relevant on Sky Sports.

Then he was binned. For Kris Boyd.

Imagine the shame of that!

Keep trying David, I’m sure the call from Ibrox media department is coming any day now.

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