David Martindale’s post match presser was an embarrassing Sevco love in. Livi fans should be furious

The Livingston boss David Martindale’s post match press conference was a red neck.

Honestly. I never usually listen to anything post match when it comes to Rangers, and Martindale’s interview quickly reminded my why.

After his pathetic rant about snowballs, I think he caught himself mid conversation and tried to level out the playing field but instead of focussing on his own teams performance, he was using terms like ‘fantastic‘ and ‘fair play to Rangers‘ to describe the performance of his opponents. Have a listen.

His rant about the snowballs is kind of pathetic as well.

A great deflection tactic to detract from his own teams inept performance and probably to avoid questions like, “Why did you not play a 5-5-0 like you did against Celtic?’

Probably because many people know the answer to that question but can’t have it aired publicly.

But on a serious note, if that was my manager, I would have been raging.

Martindale let himself down here, but most importantly, he let his own fans down.

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