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David Martindale’s latest Sky interview won’t go down well in Ibrox

David Martindale has got to be one of the most controversial managers in the league.

No question about it.

How he has transformed his questionable past and become a manager of one of the Scottish top flight clubs really is remarkable.

No one can deny it.

There have been rumours that he is a supporter of a certain club in Glasgow that ends in ‘angers’ but we’ll leave that for them to worry about.

And they will. Because Martindale’s latest interview with Sky will have his alleged supporting brothers at Ibrox spitting feathers:

Martindale was waxing lyrical not only about our club, but also Ange Postecoglou and his incredible work with the squad he has done over the last 18 months.

At a time when the media are fawning over Michael Beale and his magic hat, it makes a nice change to see and hear some positive press for the job the big man has done at Celtic.

Martindale was also very positive about our captain calling him the best midfielder in the country as well as lauding our performances and managing to find that winning goal in the final minutes of matches.

We’ll wait for the follow up Michael Beale can win the Champions League tweet……..

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