Match Day Celtic Park

Daniel Levy explains to key Spurs supporters group why he signed Ange Postecoglou from Celtic

Daniel Levy has finally explained why he decided to pursue former Celtic manager, Ange Postecoglou.

The Spurs owner was fielding a meeting with members of Tottenham’s major supporters groups, Fan Advisory Board (FAB) where he explained the appointment.

Levy said,“We made a conscious decision that we wanted a coach who would understand what we really wanted as a Club, which was to play attacking football, to enable everyone to enjoy coming to a match and be entertained, and also someone who understood the importance of the Academy.” [Tottenham FC]

Well, he will definitely get attacking football and entertained fans but graduates from the academy? Maybe not so much.

Although Postecoglou did eventually allow some of the Celtic B team to get some minutes in the senior squad, many will say they were not enough.

Whether it was down to Ange thinking they were not good enough or whether it was because he saw the pressure was on to win the treble and he couldn’t risk playing them remains to be seen.

As we still await the future of John Kennedy and Gavin Strachan to be announced, today’s two communications from Spurs means that we may not have to wait too long for confirmation that they are joining Ange in the EPL.