Dan Orlowitz sets exciting Maeda transfer timeline

The last few days have been a bit of a merry go round in terms of transfer news.

With rumours of Rea Hatata and Daizen Maeda stealing the headlines, the Celtic fans are wondering not if, but when a deal will be struck to bring the Japanese dynamo’s to Scotland’s shores.

A Japan based journalist, Dan Orlowitx, is the Hoops fans go to guy for any news of linked players from the Far East and to be fair to him, he replies to their tweets every, single, time.

So to help us (and him), Dan tweeted a timeline of when to expect any sort of transfer movement/talks, if there is to be some, from Japan and ii looks like the end of December could be a busy period for the club, “Quick thread: Everything Celtic fans should be looking out for when it comes to potential transfers from Japan, particularly Daizen Maeda &/or Reo Hatate.

1. Dates The J1 season wraps up on Dec. 4. The Emperor’s Cup (our FA Cup) ends on Dec. 19. Nothing’s happening before then.

Dan also goes on to explain to some ‘watch outs’ when it comes to the Japanese media reporting on transfer stories.

He says that the media in Japan prefer to report on UK media sources as they rarely obtain big transfer scoops.

He also warns against taking source information from anonymous Japanese twitter accounts as these are mainly used to get attention and many Japanese insiders are nowhere near twitter.

It’s a great thread that everyone, including people like myself, should read and take heed from but the most important part is the transfer timeline.

How many days is it until the 19th December?

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