Daizen Maeda already subjected to Sevco fan racism

The Everyone Anyone campaign is going well for them isn’t it.

Unless it’s one of their own players, it seems the racist card is only applicable if the jersey is blue and the songs are orange.

Celtic’s pursuit of some of the J League’s stars has come under serious scrutiny from a Sevco fan as he tweeted a picture from the popular 80’s show Monkey Magic and said:

And you have to wonder, where we are almost in 2022, how racism is still a thing in this country?

You would think after all the furore of Glen Kamara, even the thickest of their support would think twice before posting such inane and backward posts but hey, it seems racism is too casual amongst a certain element in their fanbase and the Celtic fans were quick to call him out:

The replies from one Sevco fan really shows how much vertical thinking is fast becoming a rarity amongst them.

Quite incredible that you need a TV license to watch television but don’t need one to breed.

One thought on “Daizen Maeda already subjected to Sevco fan racism”

  1. Don’t give this person or thing the time of day.
    Don’t answer to his post.

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