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Daily Record goes full Michael Beale with £46m transfer spend claim

Got to love the Daily Record don’t you?

No sooner had Michael Beale made the claim that Ange has practically bought success, here, they run with full story comparing Celtic’s transfer spend to Rangers since Postecoglou took over the reigns.

And the key is spend. Not net spend. But money outgoing. And this is where the Record embarrasses itself.

Because net spend is what is important here. Celtic have not spent money they do not have. The club have racked in almost £40m in transfer sales over the last two seasons. The other club have racked up £100m in losses in ten years.

That is vitally important when speaking about the context of transfer spend.

And when you look at how *Rangers acquired their players, there is only one team in Glasgow spending money that they don’t have. Why no big in depth spread about that?

So don’t buy into this bullsh*t from the media. Beale is playing to lowest common denominator not only in his fanbase but also the press.

And they are buying it.

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