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Cup final TikTok promo video that shows just how deluded Rangers fans are

Out of all the things I have seen over the past few weeks this has to be one of the most deluded and stupid takes of the Celtic team ever.

And I mean ever.

Now, I know Rangers fans want to seem staunch and back their team but even I thought that the stupidity of their fanbase was a silent minority when it came to their club.

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That was until I seen this video.

Prior to the League Cup Final, Goal.com took to the streets of Hampden to canvas supporters of both clubs and ask them this simple question:

@goalglobal would you take a player from your rival team? 🤔 #football #soccer #celtic #rangers #oldfirm #oldfirmderby #fyp ♬ original sound – GOAL

I bet they are looking very stupid now. Even I can admit that at least two of their players could possibly, maybe make our bench. Ryan Kent and maybe even Conor Goldson. With Goldson I am being extremely kind. But Kent does have a chance.

But to claim that they would take NONE of the Celtic players into their team is just being an idiot and showing yourself up for a bitter wee bigot.

But then, are we really that surprised?

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