Statue at Ibrox

“Cowards & Thugs” – Sevco fans dealt a dose of home truths after latest embarrassment

To be honest, there is no better way to describe this fanbase the way big John Hughes has.

The conduct of the Ibrox support is being masked by a rhetoric in the media as “Old F*rm” shame because, in reality, they are too afraid to call them out for what they are.

The threats to Kevin Clancy and his family are a disgrace and even when it is spoken about in the media, they are very careful not to name the fan base involved.

That’s left to the fans and bloggers to do.

And big John didn’t miss a single shot here:

And John is bang on. Their “We are the People” complex is chanted to pander to their own superior complex that is borne out if their sectarian and often racist beliefs.

We fans must continually point out their stupidity at every opportunity and to be fair, this blog has done that consistently over the last couple of years.

Until the time comes where powers that be hold ‘ra peepo’ account, we all must continue to highlight their bigoted and warped views.

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