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Clickbait Ibrox fan media’s moonhowling ‘penalty claim footage’ is just hilarious

The meltdown from them this week has been outstanding.

The fans targeted the matchday referee Kevin Clancy for not getting phantom decisions correct whilst also trying to convince themselves that the gap is not as big as the SMSM are making out.

But it is their fan media and bloggers that are doing them proud.

Heart & Hand (Rangers OFFICIAL media partner) called Kevin Clancy a “cheating bast*rd” whilst this clownshoe of a blogger tried to claim that they had unearthed ‘unseen footage’ of a possible penalty claim.

Take a look:

Of course, it was not unseen. It was broadcast live to the nation and the reason why it wasn’t looked at as a penalty is because it bloody wasn’t one!

The delusion amongst them has now hit hysterical levels. It’s gotten to a point where I m genuinely worried for their collective mental health.

They need to let it go and face up to reality. Their club is tinpot and their team is simply not good enough.

Acceptance of that fact will help ease the pain they feel everytime Ange Postecoglou hands them their @rse.

One thought on “Clickbait Ibrox fan media’s moonhowling ‘penalty claim footage’ is just hilarious”

  1. I’m more worried about the meltdown leading to a pitch invasion when we play them at Castle Greyskull

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