“Classic Slippy”, “Yeah right”, “Until his head is turned” – Celtic fans obliterate Gerrard’s committed to Villa statement

We all love a wee poke at our rivals don’t we?

I know I certainly do and don’t let them tell you otherwise, but they certainly love talking about us as well.

Except this time, we revelled in their pain for the most of last week and wasn’t that just superb!

Well it seems they are still in pain as they look on at their former leader and his interview with Sky Sports where he tells all the watching Villa fans:

“When I commit to something, I’m all in.”

Surely even the Villa fans can’t believe that claptrap as they have literally just stolen their new manager less than half way through a season?

Evidently, on this thread, they don’t. But we, or I, certainly don’t care about Villa fans.

I do however enjoy reading the Celtic supporters comments as they not only call bullshit on Gerrard, they poke fun at the guy who’s trophy haul wasn’t even the best in Scotland:

To be fair, the Rangers fans also called out their former gaffer on this and their pain is all too evident on this thread.

An announcement is expected soon and hopefully it happens tonight as with all the rain being forecast in Glasgow tonight, there is the potential of flooding if the GvB appointment falls through.

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