Celtic Park

Chris Sutton’s classic trolling of ‘real’ Rangers as ex Celt cranks up the Scottish Cup heat

As if there wasn’t already enough pressure in this game, Chris Sutton does what he does best and rattles the Rangers fans with a brilliant dig at the Ibrox club.

After listening to excuse after excuse from Beale and his team every time we get a result off them, Sutton gas challenged Rangers to either put up, or shut up.

Sutton said, [Daily Record], “There’s no doubt from a player’s perspective you want to rub your rivals’ noses in it. That works both ways.

“In fairness to Celtic, the way they have treated these games has been to play everything down and doing their talking on the pitch.

“After every poor performance from Rangers against Celtic, on the Monday morning we’ve had this, ‘You’re going to see the real Rangers next time’.

“We’ve heard that a few times. Will we see the real Rangers this weekend?”

I think it’s fair to say we will never see the “real” Rangers ever again seeing as they died in 2012 but you just know the moonhowling at Ibrox will be well under way after hearing this.

Well played Sutton. Well played.

“If Celtic win, will it be, ‘we’ll see the real Rangers at Ibrox?’ We’ll find out.”

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