Chris Sutton slaps down Sevco troll in one brilliant tweet

Chris Sutton was in no mood today to listen to anymore Rangers fans giving him grief on social media.

The former Celtic striker has been a victim of some vicious online abuse by Rangers supporters after his ‘ban’ from working for BT at Ibrox in a move that continues to make a mockery of the Ibrox club.

As the big Englishman is known for his brilliant skills at winding the Ibrox support up, one tried and seriously failed to get one over Sutton.

And Sutton’s reply was first class:

And in true Sutton fashion, he destroyed young Moses on social media, like he used to do to his dead club on the park:

And boom! The lad was sent home with his tail between his legs.

Sutton was subject to a torrent of abuse as the Rangers fans targeted the recent passing of his family pet, Buster, and on popular Rangers forum Follow Follow where he was called a racist and bigot on a thread discussing his ban from Ibrox.

But true to form, the big man lives rent free inside their tiny minds and this boy will think twice about trying to take Sutton on again.

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