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“Hardly a day goes by without him slagging Rangers” – Outstanding Ibrox meltdown as Sutton triggers the hordes

Big Chris. Whenever he speaks, he enrages the Ibrox support and delights the Celtic fans.

Sutton just has that knck of triggering the Govan hordes with anything he says.

They really hate him with a passion. I reckon if Sutton said blue was his favourite colour those fans would demand that the club change the colour of their home strip just to spite themselves.

They are a very odd fanbase. And Sutton’s Michael Beale comments yesterday really hit a nerve.

And by God did they have a meltdown 9n the Record Hotline this morning:

 “It’s time Chris Sutton kept his mouth closed. Hardly a day goes by without him slagging Rangers as a club, their manager and players. Chris thinks his beloved club is the be all and end all of Scottish football. It’s embarrassing.”

“So Sutton says Beale showed a lack of class in his comments about Postecoglou. What a cheek – this is the guy who accused Dunfermline of lying down to Rangers, which is a much more serious accusation.”

“I see Chris Sutton is at it again concerning Michael Beale, saying he lacks class, that’s Sutton’s mantra. The only person who lacks class is him.”

One got so enraged that he went on this spectacular rant about Ange and our players, “If Ange Postecoglou and his Celtic players’ heads and egos get any bigger they won’t get in the dressing room door.

They have won nothing and only can be judged when the league is mathematically over and remember Rangers can still win both cups as well as the league, so big Ange better hope it does not come back and bite him and his players on the backside.”

Never change Chris. The Banter Years will always be here as long as you have that mob on strings.

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