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Sutton triggers Sevco fan pain as he makes up outstanding Gerrard lie

The thing I love about big Sutton is his ability to trigger Sevco fans with either a simple tweet or a comment when he is covering Celtic or Rangers.

It’s beautiful.

And in his latest column, Sutton was detailing the reasons why Postecoglou would not be considered for a top job in the EPL when this Rangers fan popped up with this outstanding comment:

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Big clubs will not consider him. If he was held in such high regard he’d be at Leeds days ago.

Gerrard took his team to a European final, that drew attention but ultimately he failed in the EPL.

If Celtic played their high press against England’s top clubs they’d lose 3 or 4 nil every game.

That’s why he’ll end up at a Championship club rather than a Liverpool or Tottenham.

£50m in the bank and cuffing St Johnstone or Motherwell with ease is hardly going to make EPL clubs rush north to grab Ange. Beat better clubs than yourself? No brainer.

How many lies can you tell in one short paragraph?

Gerrard to a European final? When the hell did he do that?

And the absolute pain in the £50m comment without even realising his dead club racked up £100m in losses and embarks on yet another share issue is just brilliant.

You couldn’t mark these clowns’ neck with a blow torch.


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