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Chris Sutton goes where our media dare not and expertly slaps down Beale’s ‘lack of self awareness’

Michael Beale’s arrogance has been on show from the minute he showed interest in the Ibrox job.

The sleekit way he wormed his way behind Gio’s back whilst he was still the man in charge left a poor taste in many people’s mouths.

And don’t get me started on all the other comments he has made in the media.

The man is an *rse but somehow the media treat him as if he’s untouchable.

But not Chris Sutton. The big man took aim this morning and every shot he took hit it’s target perfectly.

He wrote in the Daily Record: “Whether that lucky jibe from Beale was an attempt to belittle Postecoglou’s achievements as a coach or rattle him and Celtic, it smacked of a real lack of class.

Within the game, I think many managers will have raised eyebrows at Beale’s lack of self awareness, especially after the way he left QPR.

And, for me, there’s also just something about the way he talks about the last Rangers title triumph, almost a perception that he was front and centre of that success.

Wasn’t Steven Gerrard the actual manager? The one in the firing line?

Yes Postecoglou has the resource, but he’s worked at it.

He’s a club builder and has had success in different countries over 25 years in management by doing so.

Outstanding from Sutton and he puts the media in Scotland to shame again.

One thought on “Chris Sutton goes where our media dare not and expertly slaps down Beale’s ‘lack of self awareness’”

  1. Big Chris true to his word, the human mole up at a game whilst wee gio still in charge one word SNAKE, everyone up for the task at QPR 2nd word SNAKE.

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