Charlie Nicholas thinly veiled Celtic fans ‘pathetic’ dig and breath-taking hypocrisy over VAR conspiracies

I wish Charlie would put more effort into trying to highlight referee discrepancies and VAR mistakes than he does taking a swing at our club and our fans.

The former Celtic striker has a great platform to put pressure onto the authorities in Scotland to be more active in trying to improve the men in blacks performance and VAR but instead chooses to take a swing at our fans and calls for the criticism of the new refereeing technology to end.

Speaking in his column in the Daily Express via the Daily Record, Nicholas blasted, “I know the Old F*rm game was a draw but Celtic are still ahead and they will win the league.

I know there has been a lot of talk about VAR since that game. People have been even going on about conspiracy theories.

I find it all a bit pathetic. It seems everybody has got caught up in VAR.

Why don’t we talk about the games, the players or the managers? We need to get back talking about football than VAR!”

Has Charlie lost it? VAR is the single most important thing in our country that should help ensure EVERY club gets a fair crack of the refereeing whip.

His comments this morning are bizarre considering he claimed back in November 2021 [Scottish Daily Express] this, “I believe the introduction of VAR to Scottish football could right a few wrongs for a lot of our clubs – especially when they are playing Rangers and Celtic.

“I don’t believe for a minute in these on-going refereeing conspiracies.

“I hear a lot of people say Rangers get everything just now. They get the decisions because they are winning just now. It is the same when Celtic are winning, they will get late goals and pretty big decisions in their favour.

I also remember the Celtic manager Billy McNeill had a ding-dong with Andrew Waddell. We, at Celtic, always felt he had an agenda against us after that because Billy had challenged him during a game.

So what’s it to be Charlie? Is it only a conspiracy when it’s fans highlighting the inaccuracies and only an agenda when you believe there is wrong doing?

The hypocrisy is breath-taking.

And back to his first point. He is correct about VAR writing a few wrongs for clubs in Scotland. Only there is only one club that seems to be benefiting from those.

One thought on “Charlie Nicholas thinly veiled Celtic fans ‘pathetic’ dig and breath-taking hypocrisy over VAR conspiracies”

  1. Conspiracy theories is a very lazy expression or phrase as far as I’m concerned ! I’d rather use the term ‘truth seeker ‘which is much more accurate .

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