Celtic Park, Main Stand entrance

Celtic’s Unique Angle picks up Hearts fans racist abuse towards goal hero

I tell you something, I would not have heard or spotted this if Colin at A Celtic State of Mind hadn’t pointed this out.

I watched the unique angle footage like I do every Monday after a result and I love how it gives, well, that unique angle of Celtic’s goals.

It’s great and it also gives you little snippets of celebrations that you wouldn’t normally see on mainstream TV.

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But, unfortunately, it also picks up other things that we would rather not see or hear.

And it picked up some unfortunate abuse aimed, once again, at Kyogo.

You can also pick up abuse aimed at Aaron Mooy but being folically challenged will do that.

Headphones in and you will hear it.

For those that didn’t listen, you can imagine what was said. Let’s just say the Hearts fans are just as educated as the Rangers podcasters who believe that we have Chinese players in our dressing room that don’t get on with South Koreans.

Unbelievable attitudes these people have and it proves, once again, that bigotry and racism is not just a West of Scotland problem that the media make it out to be.

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