Celtic’s social media racism blackout started on Sunday night at Ibrox

We’ve all seen the video clip. We’ve all heard what was shouted but what we also all saw is that Rangers apparent “war” on racism is a sham. As was the media outrage after the “Kudela” incident.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am 100% behind Glen Kamara and racism has no place in society, never mind in football.

But the biggest difference here is that whilst the balance of probability suggests that Kamara was racially abused, there was no hard proof.

There is, however, undeniable proof of anti Irish racist language used by a member of the Ibrox staff on Sunday after St Johnstone equalised with the last kick of the ball during extra time of the Scottish Cup fixture.

And the startling thing for me is that not one of our main stream media outlets, radio football shows or even our own club called it out. The media furore should have been equal to, if not greater than, that of the Kamara incident as it was after all, that very club that was the “victim”.

You cannot be selective in what racism you call out. It’s either all or nothing. Except when it comes to Scotland.

Anti Irish racism (or sectarianism) has been a cancer in our society for generations. All the while being swept away by the Scottish media and parliamentarians as unimportant. Our very own clubs silence on it has been equally shameful.

If one word in that sectarian shout at Ibrox on Sunday had been changed to black, Jewish or any other race or religion, could you imagine the uproar and outrage? But hey, as someone once famously said, “It’s just banter”.

5 thoughts on “Celtic’s social media racism blackout started on Sunday night at Ibrox”

  1. Absolutely spot on. Just when will our club grow a pair? Swap it around and that new club over the city would be all over it.

  2. My posts on the Glasgow Times highlighting the MSM silence are deleted as soon as they are noticed by the ‘moderators’.
    Not just mine but many others too.
    The ibrox deniers write in reply “Nothing offensive was heard”… of course not, that’s part of their song
    sheet. Notice SG has taken a vow of silence. When RFC died Green had the chance to clean out the ibrox cesspit with his new club, he didn’t, he welcomed them and they’re as bad as ever.
    I’m disgusted by the MSM for turning a deaf ear, will only encourage them next season.

  3. Usual anything they scum do at cheating liebrox the media in scotland stay silent but they can write anything about CELTIC i just hope dom mckay has the bottle to stand up to they corrupt sfa.spfl if not he can go wae p.lawwell dirty cowards the CELTIC board.

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