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“It’s cheating” – Celtic fan leaves radio pundits speechless by addressing VAR ‘elephant in the room’

This was an outstanding call.

I am going to be straight up and tell you all that I omitted the end of the call where Roger Hannah and co ridiculed the Celtic fan after his analogy of getting a welder to do a joiners job because I didn’t want that to detract from the excellent points he was making.

After the weekends VAR decisions at Paisley and Ibrox, I think it is fair to say that the refereeing technology is failing our game.

And our club.

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And I don’t mean I want the decisions to go all our way, I just want the referees to be fair.

As does this fan. Have a listen to this brilliant caller:

Every point he made was succinct, balanced and thought out and the host, Gordon Duncan, tried his best to play the impartial role whilst simultaneously trying to belittle the Celtic fan.

The long and short of it is this, Roger Hannah, Andy Halliday (and I’ll get to him later) and Roger Hannah knew EXACTLY what the caller was getting at and rather than try and debate it properly like adults, they decided to try and belittle him.

Well done to him and other Celtic fans like Frank who will not accept and call out the media narrative on the Ibrox club and refereeing standards.

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