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Celtic’s Unique Angle shows Angeball in effect with outstanding B team goal

Celtic’s football has been getting praise for it’s relentless pressing and attacking flair that has seen the first team score an average of 2.8 goals per game.

What has also been impressive is the possession stats of Ange’s team.

Again, on average, we have about 72% of possession at any one time during a match which means one of two things.

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The more possession we have, the less chance the opposition have of scoring and the more we wear our opponents down.

It’s a lethal combination that has served the first team well.

And what is exciting is that it is also doing the business at B team level.

Ange has made it clear that he wants the youngsters to play the exact same style and system as the first team so that the step up for the youngsters is as seamless as possible.

And my word, is it working. Take a look at this goal from the B Team’s win over Cowdenbeath at the weekend:

Pressing, recycling of the ball, the probing and then the eventual killer through ball (which was Mooy-esque) is just reminiscent of what we see from Ange’s side in the SPFL.

It looks like the pathway to get to the first team is being laid. It is now up to the youngsters to step up and prove that they can do it and going by that team goal, it won’t be long until we see some youths being promoted in the near future.

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