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“Will he be a big miss? I don’t think so.” – Is Tam McManus finally talking sense about Celtic?

I’m kind of conflicted here. On the one hand, we have a pundit here who normally talks rubbish about Celtic actually making sense and I don’t feel compelled to rip his knitting.

McManus, who enjoys a stint as a Rangers media contributor, generally rambles about our club but on this matter, I think he’s bang on the money (that’s twice today this has happened!).

Speaking about the transfer of Giakoumakis to Atlanta United, McManus was running the rule over whether or not the Greek striker will be missed or not.

And this is what he had to say:

“There was a lot of interest in Giakoumakis, that’s the first thing to say,” McManus told Football Insider.

“It seems like three or four teams have been really trying to sign him. It was a matter of time. The one thing I hope is that Celtic got a decent fee for him.

There was plenty of time left on his contract because he wasn’t at the club long. He did well but it was clear that he wanted to go and get first-team football somewhere else. It came as a bit of a surprise at the start of the window but it makes sense now.

“In terms of options, I think Celtic will be fine, They signed a striker in January so there is your replacement and they already have a ridiculous amount of options going forward.

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“Kyogo is on absolute fire at the moment and that’s before you get to Jota and Abada. Maeda is in a bit of form as well so I think Giakoumakis leaving is something the club can deal with.

“It always seemed like Kyogo was picked for the big games anyway, so as long as everyone stays fit Celtic won’t have a problem.

“Will he be a big miss? I don’t think so.”

I feel a little unsettled here. Agreeing with McManus is not usually my modus operandi.

But he shares my feelings on the matter entirely. We don’t just rely on our strikers for our goals. They come from all over the park.

The addition of Oh is a great fall back should anything happen to Kyogo but with thirteen games left, I’m not overly worried about this loss.

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